@Gunindra Bora, Looking at


@Gunindra Bora,

Looking at your horoscope based on your birth details provided, what I can see is that even for small issues you get worried. And due to position of Ketu (dragon’s tail) you also fear a lot. Apart from this I can see that you usually take decisions against your parents / elders and sometimes showing disrespect. These are the main areas you need to come up to invoke Jupiter beneficial.

I can see that you had tough time in getting your bachelors like backlogs etc. Since May 2012 you are more confused with your studies and even encountered some problems from your friends. Coming to transit before May 2013 your studies were not encouraging, however after May 2013 you have seen some good improvements.

Coming to future; please be very cautious that Ketu Antardasha will start from Sep 1, 2014 till Aug. 15, 2015. Along with this, in your transition you are going to start with Sade Sati Shani from November, 2014. So what I can forecast during this time is that you will waste some of your time in unwanted tensions, worries and may become moody. At the same time your memory; concentration will get distracted by which you find tough to get prepared for your qualifying exams. The time is not at all favourable till August 2015. After that if you have very good chances but unfortunately not before that. (I am sorry that this may sound disappointing to you, but I have to tell the truth what I see in your horoscope.)

At least to reduce the intensity of the side-effects which can occur from Sep. 2014, I would suggest you to kindly perform below things:

1. You can wear Ruby on one auspicious muhurtham. You have chosen Dental Surgery which is due to the influence of Sun which signifies planet for your master degree.

2. Every Tuesdays visit Lord Ganesha Temple in morning and offer Puja till your selection. Along with this chant below said mantra for at least 7 times:


3. Also start reading Hanuman Chalisa on every Saturday evening after 6:30 Pm and visit Hanuman / Shanishwar Temple every Saturday to get positive power and energy to resist the effects of Sade Sati.

If you follow these things with good heart, definitely you will stand at least 40% more chances in getting seat.


Srinivasa Temkar