Greetings Srinivasa, Thank

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Greetings Srinivasa,

Thank you for the insight. I am unsure what stones at all I should be wearing as I am new to Vedic Astrology and which stones I would really need to avoid.

I am looking for what I can wear to help me overcoming these disadvantages you have listed. Such as in pursuing a rightful career for me, to increase my finances, helping me to stay more optimistic, to increase social interactions to meet more friends, to start loving myself more and to find more joy and love in life. I am a prana healer and am looking for a stone or stones to increase my abilities to help others and heal any of my own disadvantages, such as low self confidence. I am very empathic and can become ungrounded at many times, so I would like to know if there is a stone that can help with that as well.

Thanks, I greatly appreciate this.