Dears, I have a light blue



I have a light blue sapphire given to me by my mother. She brought this one while migrating from India (64 years back). The size is around 8mm dia x 5~6mm pyramid height. Can anyone tell me how to identify if its’ a real one and of how many carats would it be. Have no idea whatsoever about in originality, though I am 80% sure that its’ original (Must be atleast 70 years old). I am asking it on the forum as I do not trust the so called gem-specialists sitting in the market. SGS is the only company which is supposed to varify its originality but still I am not sure if they have this facility and expertise in this part of the world. If its’ original what would be its cost (experts on this forum may give me some idea) and above all its safe.

Looking forward to gentlemens’ and ladies expert opinion. I will proceed for SGS certification after your comments or send it overseas for certification. Can anyone help me.