Dear, First of all, remove



First of all, remove negetive thoughts from your mind. Practice meditation and yoga. Keep your mind calm. Everything will be fine.

For solutions to your issues you may wear the below listed gemstones. They will help you alleviate tough times that you are going through.

1. Natural Jyotish Pearl (4 to 5 carats) in Right Ring finger in Silver setting.

2. Natural Jyotish Hessonite (3.5 to 5 carats) in Left Middle finger in Silver setting.

3. Natural Jyotish Emerald (1.5 to 3.5 carats) in Right Little finger in Silver setting.

Make sure the gemstones are natural, unheated, untreated, flawless and most importantly are jyotish gemstones. Also you have to wear the gemstones at an auspicious muhurta. You may come back in the forum and ask for good muhurta once your gemstones are ready. I wish you good luck in implementing your planetary gemstone therapy.

Thank You

Mukul Palni