Dear, According to your



According to your horoscope you are Capricorn ascendant rising at 6:8 degrees. Currently you are going through Moon Mahadasha – Jupiter Antardasha. Moon is placed in the 4th house at 17 degrees in the sign of Aries in the Bharani nakshatra (ruled by Venus). Jupiter is placed in the 9th house at 20 degrees in the sign of Virgo in the Hasta nakshatra (ruled by Moon). Jupiter being a functional malefic afflicts Sun and Mercury.


1. Wear a Natural Jyotish Pearl (4.5+ carats) in Left Little finger in Silver setting.

2. Wear a Natural Jyotish Diamond (50-100 cents) in Left Middle finger in Silver setting.

I wish you good luck with your planetary gemstone therapy.

Thank You