Dear Sir, I am going through


Dear Sir,

I am going through a very bad phase, my birth date as per school record is 8th December 1957 but one of very important document & my father’s remark of my actual year of birth is the year Bulganin (Russian Defence Minister) visited India, Record says 1955. 

As I am doubtful on date & time, I am taken for ride by many, couple of month before a palmist suggested to wear Zircon to tide over work related issue. After wearing, I was declared reduntant in 20 days. As I informed you that I am wearing one Yellow Sapphire on index finger, one Ruby on ring finger and one Emerald on little finger of right hand. So, Amethyst was preceibed  about a year ago. Hence I wrote to you whether it will be alright to wear Amethyst.

I will be obliged if you can help in correct prediction. We can talk offline if you need some more past incidence as input.