Dear Sir,   Thanks for your


Dear Sir,


Thanks for your prediction. As my Date of Birth and Time is not known, it is difficult case altogether. I would like to add few things

1) I am very optimitic and happy go lucky type person. Also I am straight forward person and cannot stand dual talk. I get used by peers. My peers take advantage of my openess and transparency.

2) I always wanted to do business but never invested and made loss. Niether I had many business outlet. I have over 33 years experience and this ismy 3rd job. I st job I left after 27 years.

3) I have stopped smoking almost 3 years back and I take limited drink occassionaly. I have no other habits and I do not have Bad friend circle. I am very selective about friends.

4) Till date I have no financial problem ( may start from next month) and my family is very supportive and understanding during my present transition started in February, 2014. You are right about it.

5) you were right on my weakness with number and I am very independent in my outlook. All along, My subordinates adores me.

6) You again correct on my situation improving from July 2014.

7) My Blood pressure & sugar Level is in good control and I do suffer from joint pain.

8) You are correct on my health situation after April 2013 and went till September and at present I am doing well from health front.

Reason for giving details is to help you revisit prediction with these inputs as I don’t have correct date & time.

Thanks for all support.