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Dear Shashikanth,

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details provided here, you are born on wednesday, under Shravana constellation 1st qudrant, Capricon Zodiac and Cancer Ascendant.

As per your birth details you are an negative attitude person, having very much firmness in your decisions made, however some time you will undergo in confusion to which option to select. At the same time you will be fickle (wavery) minded and the next moment you tend to be firm minded so there are two different personality inside you. You tend to be some times very much short tempered and most of the due to your temperment you have done wrong things and latter on regretted for it. And some times you will tend to be very silient person and lonely person and this will happen when you undergo some problems. And your mindset will always be towards the opposite sex and you will be easily get diverted towards them. And most of the time you have been cheated with opposite sex. And even your education was not so easy you have completed your education with lot of hurdleness. And you are not so attached with your family members most of the time love to be loneliness and at home you are the biggest lazziest person. And i can you had already some breakups happen and you should have also got some proposals which should have come nearer to the marriage and marriage got broken due to the misbehaviour of the girl. And one frank think to tell you shouldn’t imagine too much about your married life, as your married life will be average and below average as well. Due to Most of the time misunderstandings between the couples, quarels, ego clashes and tempermental issues. And you have good chances of enjoying government funds and money, however it has been shadowed by aspect of Rahu (northen node of moon) so you couldn’t able to enjoy the government pleasures.

Looking at your horoscope for marriage delay the main reason is Kuja Dosha which is present from Moon, Venus and Ascendant. I Know few of the astrologers would have told you there is no Kuja dosha as your ascendant is Cancer referring the “Ontikoppal Panchanga”. However i would challenge them and ask you is your temperment gone down? have you come across obidient girl as a match? And the anwer i would say is NO. So the kuja dosha is present at the same time Saturn / Shani bhagwan also a causing factore for delay for your marriage.

As per vimshottari you are running under Rahu Mahadasha from June 2001 till June 2019. And from december 2012 till last year june 2013 you had mental agony because of your love life and marriage issues.And after june 2013 till november 2013 due to good money inflow your forgot the issues happend. However again after november till January this year 2014 again you would have met some breakup and dissppointement related to your love life / marriage is concerned.And from January this year 2014 you are finding unnecessary tensions especially in work life and from family side tensions as well. You are gone in such a severe troma you would have decided even there is not point in me living. Don’t worry you will get out of this situation by july 1st week this year 2014.And there are chances of you finding a right person as well. However if you find a girl please dont get married between october and december next year 2015.

As per your planetory positions from last year may 2013 you are undergoing huge credits and some financial losses, unhappines in family side all those things. Need not to worry it will get well by another couple of days i.e after 19th of this month. And already you should have been finding the differences as well.

For remedial measures you reply me back. And if you are looking for gem therapy, please do mention for what particular issues you would like to go for gemtherapy.


Srinivasa Temkar