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Dear Prabhleen Singh,

Thanks for showing interest here.

As per the birth details provided by you here, you are born on Tuesday, Rohini constellation in 3rd quadrant under Taurus zodiac and Saggitarious ascendant.

Looking at your birth details you are an highly postive attitude person. Having high spirits and dreams about the future. Inspite of having high spirits and positive mentality, you every time end up with two destinations / two options every time for any kind of work / issue coming your life. Most of the time you love to behave as an judge giving advices about the future to everyone, where as you yourself wont stick to those, And you can go for any limits and even doesn’t care whether its good or bad, just you want the things tobe done as you had presumed. You most of time you show dual personality like for example some time you show you are more practical person, doesn’t believe in god / astrology, and some time if some trouble steps in then you say GOD / astrology is present. One thing when you are calm in mind you respect elders and lord, and when you are in tempermental state you wont care whether he / she are elders. And i can also see you being short tempered most of the cases would be someone unnecessary blaming you for the things which you haven’t done.

I can see you couldnt able to be success in your service life every time ups and downs 15 days here and there situation. At the same time i can also see some bad friendship present who will provoke you to do unjustice things in life. I can see you are good at technical field and i can also tell you are an technocrat. Whom you trust as close friends, most of the time they are the one who will ditch you from the back, so be carefull about your friendships. Yes you have all the earning chances staying away from your home town. You can’t earn bread and butter staying at your home town. So definately you will be having very good scope in foreign nation.

Looking at your vimshottari you are running with rahu maha dasha from november 2000 which is going to last till november 2018. During this time i can see you had and having facing financial tensions in your life. From last jun 2012 i can see you are showing more interest to do your own business and working on it. And there are very good chances you being succeceded in it before june 2015.

Looking at the planetory transition. From december 25 2012, you are undergone some major lossess and tensions in life time. No peace every thing getting distracted. Nothing is getting materalised. Its just come to mouth, but you couldnt eat it kind of situation you are undergoing. And from last year after may 2013, the situation is neutralised as you started finding some extra income to compensate that. After mid of this june 2014 you should start getting well in your business and grow well.

Regarding marriage i can say you will get married by next year june 2015, inspite of any obstructions. And right now you have Jupiter’s good transition till june 2014. So my advice is to agree for marriage, at the same time even your business / work related things also picks up. Your good time is already started so just chill.

Regarding business i can see you have very good income in venus and rahu related works, like architechture, interiors, advertisings, media etc fields.

For your business to imporve you can wear gomed (hassonite) gemstone on auspicious muhurtam. And follow some venus related remedies.


Srinivasa Temkar