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Dear pavitra,

Its really a dismaler news to hear from you that your husband lost his job.

Looking at his details provided by you here, he was running with lagu sade sathi shani / asthama shani which was under resulting period so it had fueled for the lost of job. And even ketu was causing high financial trouble from last 25th of December 2012 onwards and even this struggle is at his end time that it will get over after mid of July, 2014. And this trouble is not just created in one single day he was facing job insecurity from last December 12, 2013 and during its peak time now its been successful. And this particular pratyantar dasha will get over in another 4 days more.

Time is not good at present till November 2014 so please say, to be careful to your husband. As there will be huge financial struck and problems which could even tamper both your relationship which is already started draining from long back.

Please tell your husband to stop doing any illegal and injustice work, and start chanting OM PRAM PREEM PROUM SHA SHANISHWARAYA NAMAHA!!! EVERY day evening after 6.30pm sitting on an wooden platform facing west for at least 8 times and max of 80 times. Along with this let him start visiting shanishwara temple / hanuman temple on Saturdays and offer black sesame diya / oil. And try to put 8 black charcoal pieces in flowing water / river facing west and praying for lord shani to remove all the obstacles and give out some good results and feel sorry for anything that had happened in his life.

Along with this chant OM GRAAM GREEM GROUM SHA GURUVE NAMAHA!!! for at-least 3 times and max of 30 times facing north every day morning. Try to avoid yellow colored dresses.


Srinivasa Temkar