Dear Pavitra, After going


Dear Pavitra,

After going through his horoscope only I have predicted and this is because the 5th house would be one’s love life is concerned. Most of the astrologers thinks it is only for love marriage not for arrange one. What I would ask for those astrologers after marriage that the couple’s won’t love each other? So the love life between the couple will be more of quarrel and misunderstandings and that too due to delay in progeny. Even his future wife will undergo more miscarriages and other medical obligations for kids.

As remedial measure is concerned we can’t opt a proper remedy because if you go for one’s remedies against enemies of mars and Saturn than other will start causing problem vice-versa. So what I would advice for him right now to parallel start trying for marriage as well because there is problem in having kids. And another thing is please do get the marriage muhurtham and nisheka / first night muhurtham very auspicious. And you can approach us here at forum to get the best marriage and nisheka muhurtham.


Srinivasa Temkar