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Dear pavithra,

As per the details of your marriage date and time provided by you, you have got married in Capricon Lagnam. 

Frankly speaking the muhurtham is utterly worst and highly bad. As per the muhurtham only you people has to live separately  and no understanding between you both every time quaralleing and after march 2010 you both might have started staying away for financial reasons. And i can even financial matters was also an issue for the fights many of times. And as per marriage date as well the putra stanadipathi is been placed in house of loss along with enemy jupiter and aspected by mars and moon. Who gave this muhurtham by the way? its really very bad and more over as per this muhurtham you both get seperated after april next year 2015 and with in february 2018. And by any chance missed more of sure afte 2020. And the reason will be for health issues and some accidental causes.

And as per your nisheka timings fifth house lord shani is been placed in house of loss and is also afflicted by ketu and rahu. And the 5th house is been also afflicted by mars. So even here its clearly been shown that there is rahu and ketu and mars along with shani who are interupting for your progeny and even marriage timings is very much bad not been favourable. the remedies what i prescribe also is just will be an try maximum chances are very less.

Both husband and wife should visit Kukke Subramany temple and perform Sarpa Samskara, Aslesha bali, Pavamana Homa and tila homa. 


Srinivasa Temkar