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Dear Paritha Shah,

You will be settling in Keny itself, However you can just go foriegn places for short term visits only. You have bread butter and shelter in your native itself.

Have you gone through my predicitons in my previous post. I have clearly mentioned there are chances of you having again breakup with your love / relationship is concerned. The same way i assure you again you will have breakup with this boy friend. and you will find a good person after september 2015. If you found any one before this period wont stay with you for long time again it will be just use and throw type.

I can say as per your birth details you will get married in your own caste. However here and there cross connections of outside caste will be popping in and out. For which you need to give your time and money. So just wait you will get a nice aliance after september 2015 i know its pretty long for you and your mind and body is not allowing it to wait. Its not me its faith you have to. And if you get married with in this period as i have mentioned before it wont last for long.


Srinivasa Temkar