Dear Neetu, As per the birth


Dear Neetu,

As per the birth details provided by you, you are born on Saturday, in rohini constellation under Taurus zodiac and Virgo ascendant.

Looking at your horoscope, you are a negative attitude person, every time having dual thoughts in your mind for any issues whether it is big or small. And find tough to pick up the correct solution. I can see your schooling was been completed with lot more difficulties. And you are having most of the time hidden enemies, who behave with you as friends and later ditch you up. I can also see your mindset being much calculative even in relationships concerned, and at the same time Jupiter pulls you back and make you think on religious prospect. I can also see you indulging in bad habits, due to the surroundings of some bad friendships as well. And i can also see you had some previous love, relationship breakup as well, All these things should have been or should take place in rahu maha dasha which is started from February 1998 and will ends on February 2016.

I can see you like love marriage more and you have been failed in that. may be during September 2009 till September 2012. I can also see some unwanted tensions getting created from last year July 2013, which is going to continue till next year january 2015. I would also like to advice you that after January 2015 till February 2016 there are more chances of you involving in more non-religious acts which is not suited for Indian women (hope you understand) So please be in cautious.

referring present planetory transit, you were running with sade sati shani from last 7 years, which is going to end by this November 2014. And since from 25th December 2012 you are running with family oriented tensions, your family members are against you and you being far from them, all these issues have been underwent. And these things should materialise after mid of july this year 2014.

You rahu maha dasha will end up when you will become 27 years not 35. And regarding gemstone, it would be better if you could tell for what reason you are looking for gemstone remedy. I can understand you going with lot of tensions around you and lots of questions regarding yourself around you. Please bear for few more months your transit will come to your help later you should see at least 40% of relief from present tough time.


Srinivasa Temkar