Dear naveen, Before


Dear naveen,

Before suggesting you with the gemstone therapy for your job and marriage related problems, i would like to suggest you to perform rahu and ketu pooja / remedy. like you can visit tryambakeshwar temple and get it done rahu ketu pooja there which is near nasik maharastra. Or if you like to travel towards south then you can visit Sri Kalahasti temple near Tirupati Andrapradesh. And perform Rahu and ketu pooja there which would release you from the tough times what you are having for your marriage and income related things.

You can go for Cats eye of 6 carat to your right hand middle finger set in gold ring / 7 metal ring on an auspicious muhutham and after energizing it properly. And along with this you can wear Emerald of 5 carat set in gold ring and wear it to your right hand little finger on auspicous muhurtham and after energizing it.

And for your career wise you need to avoid wearing black dresses on tuesday’s and wearing red color dresses on saturdays. And avoiding major works under the days as below 

tuesdays falling with 8th 17th and 26th of the calender dates.

Saturdays falling with 9th, 18th, and 27th of the calender dates.

And you need to follow mars and saturn remedies in the form of chanting some mantras. Are you comfortable with these?


Srinivasa Temkar