Dear Nagarathinim Welcome to


Dear Nagarathinim

Welcome to the forum.

As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on Thursday under Anuradha constelllation scorpio zodiac and Gemini as Ascendant.

Looking at your horoscope you are an dual minded person having two options every time even for an simple things. At the same time calculative and very much towards justice mindset person. You like love marriage however you will have arrange marriage only.

The answers for your questions raised above.

1. You have chances and even get some offers after 4th of november this year till May 5th next year. However there will be lot of tension during this time. And even as per planetory positions from last 2.2 years you are running with sade sathi a very tough time. And this year november shani bhagwan will transit to your own rasi and he will start testing you, so i would advice before stepping out think as many times as possible as time is not much favourable.

2. It is caused due to planetory positions you can find some relief after this mid of july 2014.

3. As per your horoscope you have bread and butter outside to your native, so i wont forsee any such possiblities.


Srinivasa Temkar