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Dear Mr Srinivasa,

Everything you have written so far is 100% correct. I got married last year March 2nd 2013. It has been a very difficult marriage with alot of physical and emotional abuse. I have been kicked out of the house by my husband and his mother; and have also gotten fed up of being mistreated and left the matrimonial home many times only for my husband to come apologize and convince me to go back and stay with his parents promising to change. I am at my last straw now and have been offered a house by my workplace as they have seen the wounds on my face. I know if I leave now, this will be the end of the marriage. I went to see a local mahraj, he said emerald will give me luck and diamond for clarity of mind and focus. He also said that I will suffer alot in my matrimonial home from May 2014 to March2015 and only the diamond and emerald can help.

Also my friend has read your post as well and she says what ever you have written about me is true; her name is Shaziya and she was born in Nairobi (Kenya) on Jan 23, 1986. She has also gone through a divorce and is struggling to find a suitable life partner. Her time of birth is 12 P.M.

Please help us!