Dear Khilna, As per your


Dear Khilna,

As per your husband’s birth details provided by you, he has born on sunday, swati constellation 2nd quadrant, libra zodiac and sagittarious as ascendant.

As per his natal chart, he is been misjudged by many people as he been seen as very innocent person,indeed he is not at all. He being dual minded person, every time eager to fight. He is an arogant in nature, wicked minded / cruel minded. Most of the time doubtfull in nature about you. I can see even he is not good at studies concerned. And most of the time he uses his brain to please bad friendships / relationship. And he uses his inteligence to provoke opposite sex / woman to drag her to his bed and enjoy bed pleasures. Frankly speaking he involves in more irreligious things / acts. Goodness is that in his natal chart shukra being debliated, due to which is not been male prosecutor / male sex worker. I can see he is having many affairs, even now after marriage its running. He has illegal relationships / affairs running parallely as well and due to which he wants to leave you now.

As per vimshottari from last year may 2013 he is in relationship / affair with two other womens and am sure they will ditch him after june this year 2014.

As per planetory transit he is running with sade sati from last 6.75years and will endup after this november 2014. And from last 25th december 2012 you would see changes in his attitudes as he was involving in makeing friendships with females. and this will endup after july this year 2014.

Srinivasa Temkar