Dear Khilna, As per your


Dear Khilna,

As per your friends details provided by you, she has born on thursday, under Ardra constellation first qudrant, gemini zodiac and Aeries Ascendant.

As per the birth details provided by you she is a positive attitude person but stubborn in nature. At the same time she has dual mindset i.e. gaving two thinkings at the same time, every time. And she is tempermental as well; gets angry soon but at the same time she calms down very quickly say in just few minutes. I can also see she is suffering from anemia, blood related issues, period problems, joint problems, cough, cold related health problems. And I can see she is not being smart enough or intelligent; most of the time moody. As per her horoscope she will have breakup with her first husband. And in the second marriage also she won’t be so happy as the person will be more wicked and even he will trouble her, however it will some how go and even that may endup with divorce.

As per vimshottari, she is running under Jupiter maha dasha from march 2001 till march 2017. And I see she had a breakup after November 2013 and this dasha will be there till October 2014. After October 2014, she will again find a partner (indulge in affair) which will be very good and pleasing in the beginning and later may endup before March 2017.

As per planetory transit from May 2013, she is finding very tough time and she is having all sorts of tensions regarding finance, family & all. And this particular problems will stay with her till mid of June of 2014, later she will get back her peace and happiness. However as dasha is not good, these happiness is just 25%.

She can wear pearl of 2, 3 or 5 cart on her left hand little finger on auspcious muhurtham to find as far as possible nearly fine partner.

One more very important thing is that she is having sever mangal dosh / manglik; which has to be neutralised as far as possilble before going for second marriage. If not then even that will breakup similar way again. And rahu and ketu remedies should be followed as well.


Srinivasa Temkar