Dear Anirban, If you don’t


Dear Anirban,

If you don’t have deep knowledge of reading horoscopes, my sincere advice for you is stop doing it. Anything written in books/internet may not be correct and most of the times, books and internet don’t provide full information. And indeed they are misleading people like you. Also, due to Rahu antardasha, you are thinking too much negatives. Once again, my major advice is stop looking at your horoscope atleast till July 2014. If you don’t stop it, then you yourself will be a reason for your health issues.

Regarding Jupiter; its not in Moolatrikona, instead it is still stronger as it is in its own house. As it is in 10 degree and 8 minutes placed in Sagittarius. As it is bala avasta, he needs time to give out his good things in your life. You still have long way to go in your life. You should start earning first, only then you can enjoy the materialistic comforts related to 4th house. 

Also, I have told you many times earlier in this forum to wait for few more months (till July of this year), then from August of this year you should start feeling the change. Have patience and perform the remedies adviced to you to gain the strength to fight in this particular negative period.

Lastly; my major advice, stop reading your horoscope, I can see that you are not capable to predict yet. 


Srinivasa Temkar