Dear Anand, As per your birth


Dear Anand,

As per your birth details you have born on sunday under anuradha constellation scorpio zodiac and taurus Ascendant.

As per your vimshottari you are right you are under moom mahadasha and rahu bhukti till mid of august this year. Later you need find some relief after this as Jupiter bhukti is going to start.

Yes from 2 years you are under sade sati shani however sade sati shani doesn’t creat havoc in your life as you are born on scorpio zodiac and your ascendant is associated with mars. The main problem has been started especially more of tensions, financial crises, more and more credits, loans and finding tough to repay it back from last 25th of december 2012. And this problem will be there for another fewdays. Your situation should get well after 3rd week of july 2014. After this you should start getting some mental peace and the problems which have been created during this time start getting dissolved one after another.

However try to follow saturn remedies during sade sati shani like chanting hanuman chalisa and visiting shani bhagwan temple every saturday evening and offering black sessame lamp.


Srinivasa Temkar