Dear Adithi, For your problem


Dear Adithi,

For your problem i would suggest you to ignore pearl and gomed as your thinking is been more on unformal matter so for your above said problem you can go with emarald of 5 carat set in gold ring wear it on your left hand little finger after properly energized and during auspcious muhurtham as per your horoscope.

And you are having serpent dosh or Sarpa dosh or Nag dosh and it will create problem during your pregnancy after marriage and even you may end up with no progeny. So it is advisable that you tally your future spouse details carefully with an eminent astrologer and the boy should have atleast good progeny in his horoscope and even the marriage time should be highly auspcious and it shouldn’t have any obstructions for progeny. 

For this sarpa dosha i would recommend you to perform Narayana Naga bali pooja in trayambakeshwar maharastra to come out of this particular dosha and increase the chances of progeny and marriage.


Srinivasa Temkar