Cobra…zurr…scared. Thanks



Thanks Guruji for clarifying me for the Sarpa Samskar. I would definately like to perform the rights as suggested if God wants. Regarding the Cats Eye gemstone, I am scared to wear it as I am not sure because its with Mars and in Virgo asc I heard that it is enemy to the asc.

Secondly, as it is with Mars, it may make me more voilent and at last its with Venus in Navamsa which is destroying my Venus altogether. Is it right thing to increase the power of the malefic planet or else we should do some remedieal measure for the plant Ketu?

I fully agree with you that Ketu is creating havoc in my life and Leptospirosis happened during Ketu Paryantar dasha in August 2013 and in May 2006 both times. Ketu is a deadly planet for me. Please give me some powerful remedies for the same. I also have a younger sister I am worried about, if I increase its power will it harm her?