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Answer for your first question, Yes you can wear it on all the days expect few times you have to remove them and have viz having bath, eating non-veg, performing daily morning routine, during intimate with your partner etc. During these time you have to remove the gemstone and keep it front of the pooja place or any other clean surface above the ground level and not directly on the ground / floor. And when you are wearing the gemstone for the very first time, you need to energise it and need to wear on auspcious muhurtham (by a eminent astrologer). 

Regarding energising the gemstone please read my fifth post in this link http://www.gemstonebuzz.com/forum/astrology/598/how-to-clean-and-recharge-gemstone

I hope this gemstone is been prescribed by a eminent astrologer, however if you have doubt / think still yet it has to clarifed then you drop down your details here, i will suggest you the right gemstone along with that please mention for what reason you are going to this gem therapy.


Srinivasa Temkar