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@ Anirban,

Related to blood pressure is concerned, she should stop doubting people and think more on practically. What i would advice her is every day nigth keep a tumbler filled with water near her pillow and sleep. The tumbler if it is of silver would be more beneficial, if you dont have silver tumbler / cup (even small size) then you can go for copper / brass one and no steel / ceramic one. 

The next day morning let her do surya namaskara and take that tumbler and pour that water near the southerside of your home. If you plants on southerside pour on it by chanting below mantra even chant this mantra while keeping the water near her head side.

OM SHRAAM SHREEM SHROUM SHA CHANDRAMASHYE NAMAHA!!! for atleast two times max of 20 times.


Srinivasa Temkar