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As per your sister Anamika’s birth details, she has born on Saturday in Dhanishta constellation in 2nd quadrant in Capricon zodiac.

Seeing her horoscope, what I can see is; she is a fully negative attitude person and born lazy. I can also see that she is totally opposite to you in religious matters, she loves practicality more and hates old generation rituals. And she also doesn’t show respect towards elders and to their words.

Also, I can see that she is influenced more towards love marriage and she likes to go against parents wishes. One major advice to her; for her better future, it will not be good to go with love marriage. Although Saturn will fuel her and force in performing love marriage; however, after love marriage there are more chances of break-ups (divorce). The major planets fueling this event are Saturn, Ketu and Rahu.

As per vimshottari, your sister was studying well till February 2010. But after this, her studies were going down.

Due to her attraction towards other things. And from January 2013 till September 2013, there are chances of her joining hands with friends who are misleading her (hope you understand what I mean).

Whenever her wishes are not fullfilled, she starts acting arrogant towards family and after a break-up on September 2013, she could be able to concentrate back towards her studies.

As per planet transit, she is running with weak Jupiter from last year May 2013 which triggered her dis-respect towards family and elders. This will get well by this year after mid of July 2014.

God Bless!!!

Srinivasa Temkar