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@ Anirban,

As per your mother’s birth details provided by you, she has born on friday, in Aslesha constellation 2nd quadrant under cancer zodiac and Scorpio ascendant. and timings i hope not 6am some where between 5am to 5.30am morning.

As per your mother birth details she is an born fighter, she has fought a lot with her problems and family tensions. And she has pravenya yoga, which show your mom is very intelligent woman in speaking, everytime she advices well to everyone..However she has found allot of losses with respect to paternal property, paternal side love, and other things. She is a hard worker, thinks most of the time negative. And she doubts alot about herself and even about her own family members. She is like an empty box, anyone fills that she occupies that, doesn’t think whether its true or wrong. Due to her this doubting / questioning nature she will be most of the time under high stresses, which is also an reason for triggering her health issues, like blood pressure and other skin oriented diseases. And ketu is causing bone realted problems and nervous problems to her.

As per vimshottari your mama would have expired in an accident after 26th of february 1983 during which she was running with rahu antardasha and he was the separator of relationship and she was missing like this till feb 1986. Coming to now she started facing blood oriented health issues from december 2011. and bones realted diseases have triggerd from may 2012, and if i see from last year june 2013 her problems especially bones problems have reduced. And she will again start facing knee problem from this year may 2014 till next year june 2015. And after june 2016 her bone problems should get worsened up.

As per transition at present especially from last 25th december 2012 she is been in stress due to family oriented problems which will go by this year after mid of july, however maximum family peace could be expected by this year after november.

As an remedy she has to pray Lord ganesha for her bone related problems and hanuman chalisa every saturdays for her knee problems.

And please see these health problems can’t be reversed and only its effect can be reduced by few persent. And one more caution to you. After this mid of june there will be jupiter transition to cancer. And after this transition for next one year there will be more complicated period for your mom. She will be in more confusion and high stresses. Advice her that not to think too much, nothing will be as such based on her imagination. Not to think too much and spoil her health.

For gem therapy is concerned she can wear cats eye to her left hand to reduce bone problems for certain amount.


Srinivasa Temkar