@Anirban banerjee, Regarding


@Anirban banerjee,

Regarding your job requirements, I can see that it will not be very easy for you to get a job. So my advice is to not change your job if found easily.

And regarding your question “when you will get job”?

I can see you have good favourable time after July 2014, where you will be starting with Shani Maha Dasha who is responsible for your bread and butter earnings. To attain more positive vibes during shani maha dasha you can even wear Blue Sapphire.

However, I can see that your financial situation is not much encouraging. So, I will advice you few easy remedies for your general upliftment, after when you will get financially stable. Then later, you can go for the gemstione remedy. Hope this sounds better for you. Please reply back.


Srinivasa Temkar