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After age of 33, your finances, and health must have been much improved. You might be facing the issues related to lower abdomen and vitality since may-2014.

Your inclination toward the dharm is not aligned with deeds. You should believe in good deeds as done and forgotten. Don’t do things because some dharmguru tells you to do. Dharmguru might be correct but your perception of the same would be driven by thoughts of personal benefits. 

I won’t suggest Gomed. rather you should try yellow sapphire and emerald. From age of 33, you would be able to save more money (could get more money from partnerships, mother and land deals sort of achal sampatti) and experience higher intelligence in field of money. better relations with family based on intelligence.

You might have stomach related issues until age of 40. Can not be entirely avoided. Yellow spahire would help in improving the situation upto certain extent. Have satwik food to keep healthy.