@Abhishek Ahuwalia, Referring


@Abhishek Ahuwalia,

Referring to your birth details mentioned above, you were born on Thursday, in Krittika constellation 3rd quadrant and Vrishaba zodiac.

After studying your horoscope, what I can see is that you are a negative attitude person; whose Mercury is combust. It shows you are not good at studies and you always love to stay in your own dream land. Frankly speaking you are a day dreamer. You know what I mean, your dreams (or expectations) are very high; however, you want to reach there in shortcut. As per your horoscope; as Shani with Rahu and Moon are influencing your ascendant, I can see that you are a moody person not involving much with others.

I can also see that you spend a lot of time on religious things so you can get success in life. What I advice you is that; instead spending so much time on above gemstones, please start respecting your elders and teachers in life. Definately, you will start seeing good things near you.

You are planning to wear Yellow Sapphire, it may stop you to spend more time on religious things (like wearing so many gemstones). However, instead of wearing yellow Sapphire, start respecting elders, offer some clothers/money to the needy elderly people on every Thursday. By doing this, you can invoke good vibes from Jupiter.

Regarding gemstones, please remove all gemstones except Pearl. It will help you to control your mind and tempermental issues.

I can also see that you had break-ups in your love life after July 2012. Due to which you started more diverting towards spiritual things.

Being spiritual is good, however everything has its own limit. If you go beyond the limit its not right.

As per planetary position, your present time is not good; its showing lots of losses and mental stresses in life due to the transition of Rahu and Ketu. My advice is to wait for a few more months till August, then you should get some good results.

Regarding business, I advice you to not to do any business as you will encounter more cheating from your partners or the employees under you.

Reply back if you want to know anything else.